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    imported_Rick Guest

    Default What is this about Walmart overnights?

    Does anyone know the policy regarding staying in their lots?


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    Default Not Certain But This is What I've Heard

    I was watching a program on television a year or so ago and they mentioned that Walmart and Sam's Clubs permitted RV'ers to pull into their parking lots and spend the evening. Unfortunately, that is all I've heard about it.

    I can say that I do notice RVs parked overnight at my local Walmart and Sam's Club, so there must be some merit to what I've heard.

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default all I can say is

    Inquire locally. I have also noticed trucks/rv's parked in front of the K-Mart up in Wenatchee, Washington, in a part of the parking lot that is normally vacant.

  4. Default Google

    If you Google "Walmart camping" you will find information on this topic. Some stores allow it, some don't, according to what I read. Sometimes the prohibition is posted, sometimes not. To quote a phrase I absolutely hate... "see store for details..." :)

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    Default Private property

    More and more Wal-Marts are opened 24/7, in those ones it shouldn't be much of a problem, but I'd ask the manager anyway if I were you. Big store or not, their parking lots are still private properties. You could also look on Wal-Mart's website I think they sell a directory of all the Wal-Marts who allow and do not allow RVers overnight.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Been there, done that

    I've stayed in Walmart or Kmart or other shopping mall parking lots. It's just my car though - not an RV. No problems so far.

    Once I awoke to the sounds of a "tractor" type motor and couldn't figure out why. Turns out the snow plough had been doing its runs back & forth all around me. I'm sure he had a good chuckle seeing me all tucked in with the bucket seat laid back...

    Any time I park somewhere smaller, like a McDonalds or Denny's, I always check with the manager and let them know I'll be out back. That way the kids don't "freak" when they take the garbage out in the middle of the night and see someone "dead in a car" (ha, ha)

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