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    Default How long and any ideas?

    I'm planning a trip which I imagine I can spend 1 month on, going with one friend...

    thats a picture of the general route I planned out..
    How long would we be able to spend in each state going site seeing? Any better ideas on where to go/better routes, I really wanted to hit Montana and Texas, and some desert roads...but besides that I'm open to other ideas.
    Listed on top are the states we would hit in the order of them getting "hit" :)

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    Default Out West

    From Van Horn, Texas I would recommend going north and seeing Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.

    I figure you want to see California, so from Las Vegas I would drop back down to Arizona and see the Grand Canyon. Going north I would hit Glen Canyon National Recreational area (Lake Powell) near Page, AZ. Take Hwy 89 and then make a side trip to Zion National Park. Go back to Hwy 89 and make a side trip on Hwy 12 to Bryce Canyon National Park. Continue up VERY scenic Hwy 12 to Torrey, Utah and make the 11 mile side trip to Capitol Reef National Park.

    From Idaho Falls go north into Wyoming to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks and then exit Yellowstone National Park taking the Beartooth Hwy (212) into Montana. This is one awsome drive!

    In North Dakota check out Theodore Roosevelt National Park. If you find you have the time...which you might not by could always swing down into South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore & Badlands National Park before heading to Minnesota.

    You might want to purchase a National Park Pass for $50 to get you into all those National Parks and Monuments.

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