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    hey everyone. i'm new to this and this is also going to be my first roadtrip. ok here goes. i live in nj. my girlfriend and i are planning to go from nj to flower mound texas. flower mound to new orleans, new orleans to orlando and from orlando straight back up to jersey. i've done the to and from florida trip several times. does any one have any places of interest, advice on the trip or just any info to share??? thanks in advance for your help :)

  2. Default Fouke, Arkansas!

    Fouke is on US71 SE of Texarkana. Years ago, there were numerous sightings of a Bigfoot-type creature there. A local named Smokey Crabtree write a book about it, and Hollywood made a B movie about it back in the 70s -- it was called the Legend of Boggy Creek. You might stop by there and see if they are still seeing the "Fouke Monster" or if the story has faded away. When I last went through there in about 1978 (I got stranded in Texarkana by weather for a week between Christmas and New Years -- there was NOTHING else to do!), Smokey had a store in Fouke with big signs out front, and he was more than willing to talk to anyone who'd listen! He was quite an interesting character to talk with.

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