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    Default Cape Cod snow

    Just thought I'd post about last week's trip to the Cape.

    Headed out Saturday morning, traffic was light and the driving was easy. Our check in at Dunscroft by the Sea wasn't until 2pm, and we arrived in Harwich Port around 11am, so we headed out to Chatham Light and parked the car to eat a light lunch. Our light lunch turned into a short nap, but what a relaxing place with the sunlight dancing on the ocean water in front of us.

    Saturday night, we headed out to find a place to eat. First stop was a restaurant we thought we had been to before. It turned out to be a real stuffy French place, which isn't really our thing, so we went down the road to a bar and grill called "400 Club" that had awesome portions and an excellent staff.

    Sunday morning we ate breakfast with a couple from "Boston", then headed out to Woods Hole, where we got to see captive seals being fed. The ride down was great: light traffic, sunshine, serenity. We started to walk around, but the wind was really brutal, so back into the car, for a short ride around (the area isn't large), and back towards Harwich Port. The traffic coming towards us was at a standstill. We moved along quite freely.

    Monday morning brought the arrival of a snowstorm. After breakfast, we headed down to the water to watch the snow fly. Neither one of us had seen a snowstorm over the ocean. The tide was in, and the waves appeared to want to take even more of the beach. None of this affected the gulls search for food, however.

    The ride home was interesting. US-6 was slippery and just a mess, though this didn't stop others from going along at 65mph (mostly New York and New Jersey plates). Off the Cape, the roads fared much better, and I only saw one accident near Sturbridge.

    Things confirmed: People who say they are from Boston many times are not - as above, the individual said every time he "crosses the Charles into Cambridge coming home from work." This irritates many longtime Bostonians.

    Also: People who are in the mortgage business do not like to hear about how overpriced you think the housing market in the area has become, (I didn't know he worked in mortgage until afterwards!), no matter how much truth there is in that statement.

    And: There is no off-season, even on Cape Cod.

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    Default Great field report

    Very interesting Timbo, I always wondered what Cape Cod looked like during the winter since it is one of my favourite destination in the summer (especially P-Town). It surprised me you said there is no off season. I always imagined it very deserted, with most of the restaurants and motels closed. I've always been reluctant to go to the beach during the cold season, I think I'd find it too depressing (I'm a summer person), but I should try it someday.


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    Default winter

    Well, a few years ago when we went down, there was barely anybody there, and it was also President's Day weekend. We didn't head into P-town this time, but the last winter trip there, most places were closed. I guess it has to do with the relative position to the rest of the state. I don't know. I didn't see anybody playing golf this time, either.

    We usually go to the beach once in the winter, I suppose it's as an appreciative gesture towards Summer, which is also my favorite season. I find the whole concept of winter to be depressing, so I turn on my imagination and think of warmer was 2 degrees F when I went to bed this morning. Ungh...

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    I was on Cape Cod a few times last March for work. I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you say that The Cape doesn't have an offseason. I definitely wouldn't have been able to book a hotel on one day's notice had I tried in July.

    The Cape is much more peaceful in the winter, so I also recommend a visit.

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