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    great site!! i'm so glad i found it!!

    i'm seeking first hand info/advise/suggestions/etc on traveling with kids. i'm either going to be taking I-40 from cali to GA or there abouts or going from los angeles to phoenix then hitting 20 all the way into atlanta. i say ga/nc because i'll be heading up for a day and a half to charlotte to visit a friend.

    i'm serouisly looking into renting a car for the drive...i found i can get one for just $1000. and then leaving it in atl and flying back.

    i would have either my 5 yo and 1.5 yo with me or just my 1.5 yo. either way suggestions for them would be great!

    the only for sure stops i will be making are in Weatherford, TX and McDonough (Atlanta), GA and then up to Charlotte.

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    Default ew

    why not just fly there and back it would be cheaper than renting a car for 1000.00 plus airfare home.

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    Carolyn Worl Guest


    well...then it wouldn't be a road trip.

    and now it's route 66 from cali to amarillo, then to weatherford, tx and i-20 to atlanta, ga. BUT it won't be until fall now.

  4. Default What? No PHOENIX?

    If you DO come through Phoenix, your kids might enjoy a visit to Pioneer Village (north of town along I-17). It's at the "Pioneer" exit maybe 15 or 20 miles north of Bell Road. It is a "living history" museum comprised of authentic frontier era buildings, where the "locals" play the roles of frontier citizens and demonstrate the old fashioned ways -- for your educational and viewing pleasure!

    Along I-40, there's always the Grand Canyon train from Williams -- it gets "robbed" just about every single trip -- I don't know how they make the payroll. ;) Kids love it, and of course the destination is one of the premier tourist attractions in the world. Also, near Williams, there is a petting "zoo" for deer they might like.

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