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    Planning on trip with 3 teenagers in july. San Francisco to Going to Sun road. Have 10 days and I drive slow. Is this possible? If so what airport should we fly out of in Wash? Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Default Please Clarify

    1) Are you flying or driving?
    2) Going to the Sun Glacier Nat'l Park? If so, it's
    in Montana, not Washington. The park also goes north of
    the Canadian border into either Alberta or B.C.

    Ten days is plenty of time to do the trip though. If you drive at a slow pace, it'll take you about three days to get from San Fran to the park, so you'll have three or four days to explore the area before you have to head back.

    Good luck and safe driving, if you are indeed driving.


  3. Default Spokane or Great Falls

    Great Falls has commuter airline service (Skywest operating for Delta Airlines, for one), but prices may be a bit higher -- Spokane might be a better choice if a bit farther (although not much).

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    imported_randi Guest


    Hey....sun road is that in montana? and a friend are wanting to do from oregon to montana in the summer to go start college in montana as freshmen...sounds like fun let me know i could prob help you out...

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