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    Kelly Gordon Guest


    Okay, a couple friends and I are starting to plan a road trip for after graduation in 2007. We will be starting out from AZ but we aren't sure what all we want to see/where we want to go. We are looking to be gone for about a month, maybe two. We want this to be a memorable trip as we gain our independance. So, i was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where we could go and what we could do during this time. Also, is there a "perfect" road tripping car? I was thinking maybe an older longish car with a lot of trunk space...possibly a '64 or '66 mustang convertible...but thats just an off-the-top-of-my-head-cool-car thought. Or maybe a VW bus would be better? Something that is able to hold our luggage and give us the feeling of personal space so we dont end up killing each other is ideal. lol. Anyways, any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Cowgirl Liz Guest

    Default my thoughts

    well if you like natural type stuff and nice forests and mountains i would recommend montana (i love it there) yellowstone is beautiful and i hear glacier is nice as well. also in the little town of phillipsburg they have this candy store with the best fudge ever. as for the car thing the mustang probably not the best idea (ive got a '65 myself) considering they get incredibly poor gas mileage, have no air conditioning, power steering or power brakes and really arent that roomy even though they are super cool especially a convertible. hope that was some help.

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    Tron Guest


    It's usually a better idea to use a dependable car on long road trips. If you don't have a dependable car you'd better know how to fix it and plan on leaving time for it. The perfect road tripping car depends on what's important to you. Just make sure you focus more on function than image. The bus is good if you want to sleep in your car, but they're noisy and if you spend time sitting in traffic they'll overheat. A mustang is cool but are you really going to be able to rely on a car older than yourself? I'd say spend 4,000-6,000 on either a Caprice, Park Avenue, lesabre, Deville, Crown Victoria etc. Comfort is key, and American cars are preferable because everyone knows how to work on them, if you do break down you won't have trouble finding a garage. Make sure the radiator is in good condition, get it tuned up (make sure you spend at least $75 on a tune up) and then be meticulous about checking oil and radiator fluid while on your trip. Learn what the car sounds like under normal operating conditions, learn what smells it makes, how it feels, how hot the engine runs, so that if there is a problem you can notice it. Don't buy anything made before 1992.

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    Kelly Gordon Guest


    hey thanks, your guys' tips were really helpful. :) ill make some notes in the planning journal i have going. Also, does anyone have ideas on neat/fun/quirky/exciting places...anything from cities to museums to landmarks or even just streets with cool stuff on it such as neat little shops or something? Or beautiful places such as a little city along the coast or somewhere well-known for its amazing sunsets or waterfalls/hiking areas - that sort of thing? (we're looking at a wide range of things for our trip)

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Car-

    If you can find one- a 94-99 Chevrolet Lumina (not Euro Style) Sedan is gret. I have a 91 my self, muy comfortable, quite a bit of trunk space, good gas milage, and they are built like tanks! Mine has over 350 THOUSAND miles on it, and its just now starting to have some problems (I must add the engine is only 150k, 2nd engine, but much of everything else is stock from 91).

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