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    Default Mountains are callin me

    My wife and I are planning a summer drive in June from Northeast Oklahoma to the Black Hills in S.D. through southern Montana to Beartooth Pass down into Yellowstone with a final run through the Rocky Mountain National Park Trail Ridge Road. I have never undertaken such a trip before so it will be a new experience for me. I am wondering how difficult it will be to find hotel accomodations along the way without making reservations. Also, I am planning two weeks for this drive. Will that be enough time?

    Thank you for your help..

  2. Default Rocky Mountains

    Yes, it will be enough time, as long as you are content to admire the scenery and take pictures from the side of the road. I would recommend a stop at Carhenge, outside Alliance, Nebraska, which is the most bizarre roadside attraction I have ever seen. Also, since you'll be in the area, you should swing by Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

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    You may struggle to find accomodation without pre-booking around the Yellowstone area as the summer months are extremely popular.

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    Thanks Kevin! All those places are indeed on my list. I have a buddy who took pics of Carhenge.. looks pretty unusual! And the Devils tower is right on the way to the Custer Battlefield, another attraction I'm wanting to see. I cant wait till JUNE!!!!

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    Would a town nearby.. such as Cody, Wyoming have any hotel vacancies in early to mid June? That is the one thing that scares me is not being able to find a place to stay. And making reservations would be hard because I wouldn't know how to judge my arrival time from one place to the next.

  6. Default When in June?

    If your trip is in late June, you might try to time your arrival at Little Bighorn Battlefield on or about June 25/26 -- the anniversary dates of the battle (in 1876). The National Park Service and the Friends of the Little Bighorn Battelfield may have some special events scheduled for that time in commemoration of Custer's Big Day. You can find these organizations on the WWW. Just search for "Little Bighorn Battlefield."

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    Default Accommodation nr Yellowstone

    There are loads of places to stay in the towns that surround Yellowstone such as Cody and Jackson WY, West Yellowstone and Gardiner MT.

    Of those, West Yellowstone and Gardiner are practically on the very edge of the Park so could be used as a base for exploring. Cody and Jackson are a fair drive away.

    I would guess you would be OK in early June for places to stay but obviously cannot guarantee it


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