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    Default "Scenic Overlook", Rest Area, and Service Area Info

    Does anyone know of an online guide to the various "scenic overlooks" that have been designated by the Dept of Transportation?

    It stands to reason that there would be a listing of vista points, rest areas, and service areas, but I can't seem to find much info. I'm driving cross country in a few weeks and I'd love to have a list of things like that as a way to chart my progress.


  2. Default Haven't ever seen one.

    It's worth checking into though. The only place I've seen anything like it is where they mark the rest areas with little symbols on the maps -- I'm sure you've seen those before. Bob

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    I have, Bob. I'm just hoping for a better source of info. was a pretty good recent find.


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    Default The Next Exit


    I own a guide called "The Next Exit", it's a directory of every single exit AND rest area in the US. I believe they put scenic vistas and historical markers in there as well. You can find this guide in almost every truck stop for about $12.99. Check out their website maybe you can order it over the internet or maybe they have an online version.


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    Default Next Exit


    I have a version of this for a PDA - it's called Interstate Guide and is marketed by Headwaters. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in a couple of years. This version doesn't have historical markers, or scenic overlooks.

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    Default Info

    Thanks Gen and Timbo.

    I'm actually seeking info about rest areas and scenic vistas as opposed to exits and services. I did find some pretty good info and I'd like to share it with the rest of y'all.


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    Default MORE info

    Here's another great link I found for online interstate info.

    It contains links for many interstate highways, if not all of them.


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    Gene Guest

    Default RE: Scenic overlooks

    You might try looking for historic marker lists. Try State transportations depts. Try state Tourists bureau's. My drean vacation for when I become rich and famous is to travel the US routes that go coast to coast: US 2, 30, 50,60. Boy howdy!!

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    Default Thanks Gene!

    What a suggestion!

    Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for and there's lots of info out there. Thanks for the reply!


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    Carolyn Worl Guest

    Default would you mind

    posting up some of the links you found AB??

    thanks! :)

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