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    Default Recommendations from San Francisco to San Diego

    I'm going to be driving from SF to SD late March with my mom and cousin from Japan. What are some scenic routes I should take? I don't have a lot of time, so this is going to be not much more than a 2-3 day trip. I'm mostly looking for the one or two "must see" routes along the way. Any suggestions? I live in San Diego and we will spend some time in Los Angeles too, so I guess I'm mostly looking for things north of LA, although all suggestions are welcome. Many thanks in advance!

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    ew Guest

    Default its no joke

    Hey its no doubt California 1 is the best way to go, down through santa cruz, carmel by the sea monterey ect, it is the last road before you drop into the ocean and only the ocean to your left, the most amazing drive!

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    imported_Rod Guest

    Default go south, young man!

    If the ocean's on your left, you're going the wrong way...

    but yes, this is a dream road-trip road, just pray the fog doesn't roll in as you're leaving Frisco

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    ew Guest


    LOL my bad, I am in the midwest but yah, it is your right. I did experience on one of the trips a land slide.

    I recommend if you see some signs saying rockslide you may want to alternate your route, we kept pushing untilt he road was totally blocked, we had to turn around approx 100 miles and take the 101 the rest of the way turned into a 11-13 hour trip

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    Taansend Guest

    Default San Fran to San Diego

    This is a beautiful drive. Stay on the coast road down to Santa Monica then skip LA. Get back on the coast by Newport Beach and head down to San Diego. Spend the night in Santa Barbara halfway down.

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