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    Dager Guest

    Default L.A. to Washington...and back - in March

    Hello to all,

    We are planning on taking a roadtrip from L.A. to Vancouver, WA in mid-March. We are considering moving to WA and wanted to check out a few cities in the Vancouver area. We would be taking our 3 kids (5, 3 and 7mos.) and have roughly 10 to 12 days. Just a few questions:

    1) Are we crazy doing this with kids?
    2) Primary purpose is just to get to WA as quickly as possible - roughly how long would it take to get there (probably can do 10 hrs. a day without kids driving us nuts). On the way back, we would love to do some minor sight-seeing and take it a bit slower.
    3) How much cash do you think we would need? Primarily for hotels, food, and gas.
    4) Will likely take I5 all the way - are we likely to encounter snow in March?

    Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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    imported_Mary Guest

    Default hey I want to do that too

    I don't necessarily want to move up to Washington but I'm looking for a cool one week trip to take during my break. Will someone please respond? Thanks

  3. Default 10 hour days?

    Not sure I'd want to do 10 hour days with little kids! Are you crazy? Probably. But no more so than any other parent that ever lived. I used to take my little ones everywhere and I never stayed home -- road trips, camping, you name it (single Dad, 3 kids). If I were you, I'd plan for 8 hour days and then see how it goes. You can get to Vancouver WA in about 1.75 days.

    Figure hotels at least $60 per night, and though you can often find them for less, figure more just to be safe -- take a bit extra.

    Gasoline depends on what you are driving and your highway mileage. Use the <a href = "">gas mileage calculator<a/> to figure that -- this trip is about 975 miles, each way, on I-5.

    Food, it depends on HOW you eat. If it is restaurants all the way, figure about what your average is for each meal, add the three together for the day, and times it by the number of days. You could do it for less than $70 for fast food, per day, or more if you eat in nicer places. Carry an ice chest for lunches to save a little. On my solo trips, I'll eat something like a cinnamon roll (or bagel) and fruit for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and then eat out for dinner at a nicer place. Carrying your own drinks will save you more than you think as well. If you want more info on cheap road tripping -- check out this <a href = "">link<a/>.

    For weather, it is POSSIBLE to encounter snow on the high parts of I-5 in March, but the odds are the roads will be in good shape that time of year.

  4. Default And for YOU...

    In the same direction, how about the northern Oregon coast, or the San Juan Islands north of Seattle? Things might be a bit windy and cool in that direction, but it'll be a change from southern California, that's for sure.

    You could spend a couple of days around Rockaway or Garibaldi (Oregon) and do some beachcombing, or use the Washington State ferries to get around the San Juans. You could maybe find a cottage or B&B out there for some personal time (or with friends, if you have companions to run with).

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    Dager Guest


    Thank you for your input. Yes, a bit crazy considering 10 hr days - that might be a bit extreme - I think your suggestion of 8 hr days is more realistic. The most we've done is 7 hrs, but that was prior to the little guy being born. It's amazing how quickly time passes when playing games and singing with the kids. We just want to get up there as quickly as possible - get business out of the way - and enjoy the rest of the trip. Will definitely pack drinks and other munchies for the trip (save $$$ for a couple of nice dinners in Seattle?). Sure hope weather permits - not too concerned about rain - after all we are considering moving to Washington :) - it's the snow on the trip that may be a factor (might as well carry chains, just in case). In any case, thanks again for your input we are really looking forward to our trip. I will post upon returning and let all know how it went.

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