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    Default What's the most scenic route from SF to Vegas in April

    We're planning on driving from SF to Vegas on Sat 9 April with an overnight stop about half way. We would like to go the more relaxing scenic route but arriving in Vegas on the Sunday. Can anyone suggest a good route / place to stay and how many miles / driving time are we looking at?. Also any suggestions for the way back (again with an overnighter) would be most appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Knotty (London, England).

  2. Default US395

    In April, I'd use US50 to Carson City, then south on US395 to Death Valley NP. There is road damage in Death Valley, but you can get around it. Look for information about the detour by using search here on the forum and use "Death Valley" as your search term. Use SR178 and SR160 into Las Vegas. This is 760 miles and 14 hours. Stay overnight in Bishop.

    Returning, go over to Bakersfield, then north up the west side of the mountains. The state roads close to the mountains are very scenic, but you won't have much time to stop anywhere with only two days -- I'm reluctant to recommend any of the National Parks since you have so little time. Perhaps you could stay at San Luis Obispo and then return to San Francisco up world famous Highway 1, through Big Sur! This is about 12-13+ hours driving, 700 miles.

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    Default Many thanks

    Just got back from a trip to Ireland (the liver got a pounding!) so hence the late reply. Those 2 routes sound just right for us and I'm looking forward to doing the big Sur on the way back. Is there any chance that the death valley road problem will be fixed before we go? Less than 2 months to go - cant wait!.
    Thanks again.

  4. Default Death Valley SR190

    The Park Service's website says they may be finished repairing it by March or April, so we can always hope! (This statement has not been updated for several months.)

    The last RELIABLE information I heard was that the SR190 route would re-open in May -- but you CAN get around the closure by using SR178 through the Park. Keep checking though, in case they get the repairs done early (can't hurt to try). Bob

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    Default We will be the first notified

    RoadTrip America is on the first-alert notice list when that route is re-opened. When the notice comes in, we will let EVERYONE know.

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