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    Default Travel from NYC to Virginia and back.

    Hi all. Hubby and I finally decided on our roadtrip and what states we will hit and how many days. This is our itinerary so far and would love some insight/advice on what to see, which roads to travel (ie SCENIC!) and if any one has any diner favorites. I'm very open to suggestions. Here's what we have to date:

    DAY 1: Drive from NYC to Hershey, PA. Camp overnight at already determined campground.

    DAY 2: Drive into Lancaster/Amish Country in morning then head down to Roanoke, VA. Stay there overnight in a designated campground.

    DAY 3: Drive from Roanoke, VA to Richmond VA. Camp in the area at a designated campground.

    DAY 4: Drive from Richmond, VA to Baltimore, MD. We have picked a campsite near to Baltimore (Maple Valley Campground).

    DAY 5: Drive from Baltimore to Delaware (north tip not sure where we are hitting, sleeping yet).

    DAY 6: Drive from Delaware to Atlantic City. Spend the night in a hotel on the boardwalk to celebrate the end of the trip.

    DAY 7: Drive home to NYC, drop off rental!

    Please provide some much needed feedback. Greatly appreciated...


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    Default Virginia loop

    Well, if you really want a scenic road, you really can't beat Skyline Drive, which takes you over the mountains and gives an awesome view of the Shenandoah Valley, though in the Summer it can be quite hazy from up there. I'm assuming you'll be taking this trip in the warmer months, as the road is closed in the winter.

    Many of the roads around and through Gettysburg are quite nice, as well. I seem to recall an enjoyable drive on PA-34 from Carlisle to Gettysburg.

    In Virginia, at least away from the cities, most of the two-laners are very scenic and enjoyable to drive.

    Day 5 seems like it would be the most conducive to exploring back roads and seeing what is around. the Eastern Shore of Maryland; I have only driven US-13 in that area.

    For diners - Wright's Dairy Rite in Staunton, VA gets my vote (again!!) Straightforward burger and fries fare, awesome shakes.

    Of course, all of this depends on how much you wish to drive and how much you want to explore. Happy travels!

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    imported_Tom Guest


    Thanks SO much for your response. I was worried no one ever traveled those parts :)

    Yes, we plan on really doing some exploring, we have 6-7 days so I think that gives us plenty of time. I'm a freak for diners so really appreciate that inside scoop on Wright's Dairy.

    If you think of anything else or if anyone has other input, feel free to reply. We are planning to leave April 14th so it will hopefully be nice SPRING weather (sick of northeast winter already!)


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    Default PA Diners

    Well, since you metioned Diners -- there are a bunch still going strong in Pennslyvania. We did a short article about the <a href = "">Mayfair<a/> and there is also a link to a really good site about diners in the Philadephia area, (and the rest of PA).

    In addition, Jane & Michael Stern have created the best online source to diners in the USA that exists. Be sure to check out <a href = "">RoadFood<a/>.

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    imported_Sarah Guest

    Default Diner in Virginia

    There's a yummy place in Front Royal, VA which is 10 miles east of I81 on I66 called the South Street Deli. They have yummy food and banana splits in real glass boats! We camp at the KOA and hike near there and that's a favorite treat.

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    imported_Diane Guest


    We don't usually do diners on vacation. We live in NJ (home of the diner). But just wanted to tell you to check on a magazine in the library. It is called Country Discoveries & people write in with advice on special places to visit or eating places that they have found. I love the magazine. They break it down into categoriesd like east, west north south. So it might give you info you want.


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