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    I'm planning a road trip from Jacksonville, FL to San Francisco this summer. Just getting started on the plans really...and I want to make the most of my one way trip. I have a week to get there, and want to see everything I can possibly fit in. Looking for any advice on specific routes & must-sees. I will most likely take I10 over to California then up the coast. Thanks so much!

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    Default some suggestions

    On I-10 and its surroundings :

    LA : New Orleans (music, ambiance, cajun food, "voodoo vibes", colourful people, French architecture)

    TX : Houston (space center), San Antonio (++) (Riverside walk, parks, Ft Alamo, spanish architecture), El Paso/ Juarez (border town, mexican food, shopping, Old mission trail)

    NM : White Sands Nat'l mon (US70), Ghost towns

    AZ : Ft Bowie, Saguaro, Tombstone and Bisbee, San Xavier Del Bac (spanish mission), Tucson

    I'll let the others help you with the rest (I-8, I-5, etc.), I haven't been west of Phoenix.

    Good Luck!

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