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    I'm driving solo from LA to NY this coming Monday, and I've ~two weeks for the trip. My definite stops to see friends along the way are Park City UT, Lawrence KS (near Kansas City), St Louis MO, and Fayetteville WV (near Charleston).

    So the plan is:

    - I-15 from LA to Park City, taking a short detour through Zion and Bryce.

    - US-40 from Park City to somewhere near Denver (or back down to I-70 if US-40 isn't drivable -- any opinions?)

    - I-70 ~Denver to Lawrence

    - I-70 Lawrence to St Louis

    - I-64 St Louis to Fayetteville

    - ... I'm not yet sure which route to take to New York City

    My travel dates are quite flexible meaning I can linger at any point along the route above, though I'd like to be in New York City by around Feb 5th/6th.

    Anyway, any advice is most welcome -- I realize I'm writing very late... I wish I knew of this forum earlier.


  2. Default Not just the forum!

    Keep in mind there are many other resources here for you in addition to the forum -- check out road conditions and weather <a href = "">here<a/>.

    Also, when you get to Bryce, be sure to follow SR12 on around through Escalante and Boulder, then SR24 toward Provo and Park City. This loop will take you the better part of a day -- but is well worth it -- it's one of the most beautiful highways you'll ever see! My opinion, of course. It goes over a high pass before (south of) Torrey though, so check with the locals to make sure it is open. Bob

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    I would take I-15 directly to I-70 in Utah. I-70 through the San Rafael Swell in Utah and across the Colorado Rockies is not to be missed. The most scenic stretch of interstate I have ever seen.

    Here is a photo taken on I-70 in Utah, at about mile 116 looking east through the Swell:

    And here is one taken from The Summit, outside of Frisco, Colorado along I-70:

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