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    Default Chicago to LA in Feb.

    I'm going to be driving out to L.A. soon and am trying to figure out the least inclement route. I've done the I-80 route before and that seems dumb considering the time of year. Any suggestions for alternate routes?

  2. Default Decide at the last minute

    You could find any western route either good or bad weather-wise in February -- keep your options open and see what it is like just before you go. Use the <a href = "">resources<a/> right here on RTA to help you.

    Any of the main interstate routes could work for you -- since you've done I-80 before, why not try one of the others if you can -- I-70 to I-15 is beautiful, and so is I-44/I-40. Bob

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    Default the Trucker's choice

    I-80 in February could easily see ground blizzards, heavy wind, sleet and rain and/or combinations of all of them. However, it is still the preferred route for interstate truckers who make that run every day of the year.

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