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    Anne Laure Guest

    Default Tour around US

    I live in Montréal for 6 months. I'm French. And I not very fluency in English. I search person who want to do a tour around US in may-june.
    I think of Boston, Philadelphie, NY, Washington, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Texas, Mexique, LA, SF, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Chicago, Détroit, Montréal.
    It's just ideas.
    Waiting for news...
    Anne Laure

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    Default Suggestions

    Hi Anne,
    Maybe you could try to find someone in Cégeps (Maisonneuve, St-Laurent, Vieux Montréal, etc) or universities (UdeM, UQAM, McGill, Concordia) in Montreal. Students are often interested in that kind of adventure. You just need to post a note on any babillard (with the permission of the administration) or student newspapers. Unfortunately, I don't think you will find any site like this one in French but maybe you could try to publish something in the Québec "petites annonces" on the net.

    If you have any question about destinations, costs or language worries, I'd be happy to assist you in French or English, my e-mail is at the top. (Si tu as des questions, écris-moi mon courriel se trouve juste en haut).


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    imported_Jason Guest

    Default im going with 2 buddies on a trip then

    you can join my gf and i and a thrd friend, we will probably do most of the east coast

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    Tron Guest


    my freinds and I wanted to see canada this summer around the that time but also will be travelling around the US for a good portion of the trip too. We don't really know what we're doing yet but we always like to meet interesting people in our travels and could try to work you in.

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    2005rdtrp Guest


    Are you still looking for someone to take a road trip in the USA?

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