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    Default Planning our trip

    My wife and I are planning a drive from Seattle, WA down to LA along the PCH, but we only have about seven days for this trip. Can this even be done? Can anyone advise as to the lenghth of time required for this drive? Also any suggestions for lodging. Will we be able to find available motels on the way, or do we need to look into making reservations?

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    I think the PCH between Seattle and LA is possible in 5-7 days. That doesn't give you a LOT of extra time, but neither would you have to be in a huge rush.

    There are times when you might have difficulty finding lodging on the route -- when are you planning to go? Traveling over any holiday weekends? Or in the peak of summer tourist season? If not, I'd probably go without making reservations, just to keep the flexibility in it. There are always other options, too. If you can't find a room in a beach town, chances are a short drive inland will net you one. Bob

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    I intended to include the time of my trip. It will be in the second week of July so I'm concerned that it will be rather busy. We're very flexible as to where we go and what we see - just an adventure for us. I heard somewhere that they reccommend 100 miles per day. That seemed extreme unless you want to see it all.

  4. Default 200 miles per day

    I don't know, there are places along the coast where there's so much to do that 100 miles per day would be about right, but I'd probably be bored going so slowly otherwise. My own thought is that about 200 miles per day on this route would be more reasonable (although I'd personally drive it faster because for me the DRIVING is the whole point) -- so that's about 6 days. (The route is somewhere around 1200 miles or a little more total).

    Second week in July is pretty much peak travel time on the coast. If you are not absolutely certain you don't mind living dangerously, you might consider making some room reservations. I hate to say that, but there have been times on that route I was unable to find lodging at those times. Bob

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    Ed Loeffler Guest


    When you say "living dangerously", we don't mind going off the PCH for a bit to find lodging, but do you think we'd be stich with nothing if we don't make reservations?

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    I think you'd eventually find something, but it might take some driving. The more you get away from the coast road, generally, the more likely you'll find availability. That said, a lot of times you'll find just what you're looking for right on the beach.

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    Default "Reservations, we don't need no stinking...."

    My apologies to "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" film, but I have distinct opinions about reservations. For the pros and cons that contribute to our own decisions about whether to get them, <a href = "">click here<a/>.

    July on the coast is beautiful and there will be lots of tourists, but I have never had trouble finding a place to stay along most of that route.

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