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    I think the best thing would be to ask this poster what he had in mind so we could help him better!


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    Default How Long?


    You will find my plans in this column under 48 in 2005. I have Microsoft Streets and Trips software that has outlined our trip. We are touching all 48 states plus entry into Canada and Mexico. We are going from here in Illinois down to Texas, over to Califorina, up the west coast, across to Maine, down to Florida, over to New Orleans and back home. Streets and Trips has us traveling from 9 to 6 each day, 65 mph on expressways, 60 on limited access roads, and 50 on other highways doing a little over 14,000 miles. It tells us at this rate we will cover the trip in 29 days, 5 hours and 37 minutes so since you are not doing all the states you should be in good shape. We are setting aside 3 months for our travel.

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    Default I have done 50 states twice, 43 days in 2001,8 days in 2003

    I'll be glad to help anyone plan a trip for the lower 48 or all 50. Actually saw quite a few attractions and areas of interest on the 43 day trip. The 8 day trip was a speed run for charity, but the route is quite useful for someone trying to be efficent. From Hyder, Alaska to Pawtucket , RI was 7500 miles. The Lower 48 from Oregon to Rhode Island was actually done in just under 6 days. Let me know if you need any help.


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    Default Consider Blue Highways Route

    Not sure if you're already on the road, but I thought that if you took the time to read the book Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon you might get a good idea of travel routes and time. He took only the scenic, blue highways and lived in his van during the trip. I thought it was extremely realistic in how long it would take to drive over more rugged or mountainous terrain -- or in snow or rain. Anyway, I read this book while on the road last year and I felt Least Heat Moon was sharing my same joys and frustrations. By the way, if you take this trip, I'd be interested in you posting your experience--'just how long did it take and where all did you go?! Enjoy.

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