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    imported_Rich Guest

    Default 3 Days, what to see

    Early April I have to make this trip.

    got any decent suggestions of thing to see along the way.


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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default In the middle of such a trip

    I drove in from Las Vegas last night (in Mission Valley for a meeting). What a luxury to be able to spend three days on the road enroute!

    There are so many options with that much time -- I hardly know where to start. Do you like finding good food, historical locations, culture, back-roads, natural wonders? What are you looking for? Given a few parameters I could give you 200-300 places I would stop and explore on such a road trip!

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    imported_Rich Guest

    Default Cheers Mark

    I like decent food, i like big things, canyons that sort of gig. A bit of isolation also, but then to a decent town where i can sink a few cold ones if you get my drift.

    I would welcome any suggestions :-)



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