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    Angela and Chelsea Guest


    hello. we are trying to plan a trip in honor of graduation! our trip will start in washington and end in mexico...until we decide to come home. we do know that we want to go from washington to the border in mexico on highway 101 because of how pretty it is. if anybody has any ideas of any cool attractions or anything like that along highway 101 (like the redwoods and stuff like that) that we can add to our list of things to see please e-mail them to us, we would greatly appreciate it! this trip means alot to us and we really want to make the most out of it!!! if it is possible to e-mail us rather than post back that would be really great too. oh, also we were thinking that we really don't want to stay in any hotels until we get to mexico and we were just thinking we could sleep in our car until we get to mexico...does that a bad idea? we are just wondering. thank you so much again.

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    Carolyn Worl Guest


    cross over to hwy 1 when you get into california. talk about beautiful!!!! i've done the drive from grants pass (well west of) to near petaluma, california. tedious, but gorgeous!!!

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    imported_randi Guest


    hey that sounds like fun..did are you gonna grad this year?...same with me im from hawaii and me and a friend are going up to oregon this summer and wanted to do some kind of road trip, sounds like fun...anyways if you wanna chat about it, i know a couple cool places in oregon and cali ...write back....Aloha randi

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