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    dru2go Guest

    Default Quickest Route from Dallas to Los Angeles

    Can somebody confirm which of these routes is the quickest from Dallas to LA?

    1. Dallas/Amarillo/Albuquerque/Flagstaff/Barstow/LA
    2. Dallas/Midland/El Paso/Tucson/Phoenix/Blythe/LA
    3. Dallas/Midland/El Paso/Tucson/Yuma/San Diego/LA

    I would appreciate anyone's help.

  2. Default Door number 2

    There isn't an appreciable difference in mileage between these routes -- but I-10 through PHX is the shortest, followed by the I-40/Amarillo route, and the route through San Diego is the longest. Weather could be a consideration though, so take a look at that before you go.

    R#1 = 1459 miles
    R#2 = 1439 miles
    R#3 = 1488 miles

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