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    Default I-40 or I-20/10

    Driving solo from Nashville to 29 Palms, CA in early Jan.

    I-40 looks like a straight shot but am wondering how good the road is and the chances of hitting bad weather.

    My other option is to head to Dallas then pick up I-20 to I-10.

    Any advice would be welcomed.

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    Rick, my best guess (and it is just a guess) is that you have a 50/50 chance of either good or bad weather -- on EITHER route. You will only get STOPPED if the weather is horrible -- most storms do NOT close the roads, except occasionally for short periods (usually only a few hours).

    Watch the forecasts and the actual events just before you go, and plan accordingly. One route will likely be better than the other even if the weather doesn't cooperate with you. Or you may just luck out and have dry pavement all the way! You can use the resources here on RTA to keep up with the current conditions, right up until the time to go. Bob

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    imported_Tom Guest

    Default I-40...

    I-40 usually is not bad this time of year. You might run into SOME winter conditions in New Mexico or Arizona (yes, Arizona) but not bad enough that they would close the road. I remember driving I-40 from Memphis to California (well, my parents did the driving, I was only four!) about fifteen years ago around New Year's and running into no problems to speak of.

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    I took that route about a month ago. As Tom said, about the only weather I ran into was in New Mexico and Arizona. Still the snow wasn't bad enough to stop or even delay things, just had to be a little extra careful.

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