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    Looking to do a road trip over spring break from Jackson, TN. Any ideas on where to go?

    Keep in mind that it's early March and while time probably is not much of a factor, money is. I'll have, at best, about $500 available. I'd like to go to Colorado but have no real idea where to go, what to do, if this is possible, or if this is a good idea based on the weather. Any info would be appreciated!

  2. Default 4 days

    Just driving, with $500, I figure you're good for roughly two days each direction.

    You could drive the Great River Road, either north or south. Another option (a very good one, by the way) is Panama City, FL, except that it WILL be Spring Break -- but if you like young people, sunny beaches, night life and lots of excitement, then perfect.

    If not, a third choice is the Outer Banks (NC). March is early in the season, so it would be very quiet there, and lots of businesses will still be closed. The Ocracoke Harbor Inn on Ocracoke Island is a great place to stay.

    I've done NO checking of maps for this, other than to ballpark about what two days travel would cover (but I could be wrong) -- so you'd have to measure these out on a map to see if they are even possible, but these would be my first choices if they're possible! I think CO is on the extreme outer fringes of what is possible in 4 days, so I wouldn't recommend that one. In five days, maybe, but you'd have to be really frugal with the funds. Bob

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    Default On second thought...

    I'm probably going to delay the road trip until the first week of May, for three reasons:

    1. Able to save up more money.
    2. Better weather in Rocky Mountain National Park (where I'd really like to go.)
    3. I'll be 21! LOL.

    Panama City Beach is a bit overdone, and I'm familiar with it and don't want to go there.

  4. Default well, alrighty, then...

    There's a TON of things to see and do in Colorado -- Rocky Mountain Natl Park is just the beginning. Run a search on the forum for "Colorado" and you'll come up with lots of posts. Some of my favorites are Georgetown (quaint little town), the Georgetown Loop (a RR thing), the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge RR <a href = "">(or the Cumbres and Toltec at Antonito)<a/>, Mesa Verde National Park, Kit Carson Museum (by Las Animas), Bent's Old Fort, Glenwood Springs (hot springs and Doc Holliday's grave), Buffalo Bill's grave (along I-70 west of Denver, overlooking the city), and if you are interested in the history of the Indian Wars, the Sand Creek Massacre site near Chivington and the Beecher Island site in the NE part of the state. Also, Colorado is worth the visit just for the driving on high mountain roads and passes!

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