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    Well Im on my way. Im relocating to Seattle and going to ship my stuff and make a road trip out of it. Im wanting to avoid snow so Im going to go West into California and then North to Seattle. Any suggested stops along the way?

    Also any online planners that let me choose my route instead of MAKING me go through Colorado? I tried AAA and they even dont have a true road trip planner letting YOU choose which way to go.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default going to Seattle

    As a person who recently moved from Washington to Arizona, I have traveled much of your proposed route. If you are taking I 10, make sure you stop for fuel before you leave Phoenix, and Again in Blythe, CA. If not, as a AAA Roadservice Operator, I will be waiting to send service on your AAA membership. My suggestion would be to check the fluids and beware of Siskious area of No. California. Also, you should be able to (atleast in Arizona you can) go to a member store or call your local club and ask to speak with Autotravel, and they can set up a trip-tik itenerary for you. Happy Trails!

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    Default On-line Planning Services


    Putting aside for a moment, the barely tongue-in-cheek response of the AAA responder -- (believe me, you won't have problems) -- there are a number of on-line planners -- most are a bit clunky -- but you might want to check out our <a href = "">reviews and suggestions here<a/>. I think you might agree with our assessment of the AAA TripTik service.

    Remember, have fun!


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