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    Default Spring Break

    A bunch of us kids from Kansas are planning a road trip during Spring Break. We want to do a quick tour of the Northwest, specifically, we want to hit up Yosemite in California and then head out to Yellowstone. Our main concern is weather. Will snow prove to be too problematic for such a trip?

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    Default Geography could be a bigger problem


    "A quick tour of the Nortwest" usually means Oregon, Washington & Idaho, since Yosemite is in California and Yellowstone is in Wyoming.

    Snow is certainly possible at that time of year and some roads will be closed. How long is your holiday?

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    Default When is your spring break?

    Depending on when your spring break is, many of the roads in Yellowstone might not even be open yet.

    Yosemite in the spring is my favorite time because the waterfalls are at their best! Just be aware that Tioga pass (Highway 120) will not be open through the pass so you will have to come over one of the other passes like I-80, Hwy 50 or Hwy 88.

    Also keep in mind that a lot of places between Kansas and California can get a lot of snow in the early spring.


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    Based on the other replies already posted, and your worries about snow, you might think about the southern Utah parks instead. It would be a shorter trip for you, and the area is a wonderland of beautiful scenery and national parks. In the southwest, although it is possible to have winter storms at any time from October through March (and even beyond), the ODDS of finding road or park closures are low. Bob

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    chuck d. Guest

    Default agree

    yeah I agree with bob, southern utah is a wonderland for the outdoors. if you go don't miss zion np and bryce canyon np. Zion is one of the most incrdible places I've ever been. check out for info.

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