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    Default Seattle to SFO in winter

    I am planning to drive down for XMas to SFO. I have heard that sometimes they close the passes on I-5 in Oregon due to snow and you might have to take long detours. Is this true? How bad should the weather be for road closures on I-5? Is there a number that I can call to check right before my trip?

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    Default It is rarely that bad

    Yes, it is possible to be unlucky enough to hit a highway-closing snowstorm on I-15, but it is relatively rare.

    CalTrans (the California Highway Department) usually closes the road when it gets real slick on the pass -- but they are very good about getting it re-opened. CalTrans uses the 511 network (road conditions) or you can use their web reporting service by <a href = "">clicking here<a/>.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the information and the link.

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    Yes, that road gets closed once in a while for bad weather. Those are some steep passes. The best thing to do is check the weather reports. Also, inquire locally, in Grants Pass (city) or some of the other cities. If in doubt, try calling 511, but that doesnt always work. You can always check with AAA Autotravel for the latest updates. Also, although it does cost money, 411 can always let you know of road closures. If you dont have internet access, make sure you carry a Rand McNalley atlas, they usually list toll-free numbers for all state DOTs and the Automated Road Information Lines for each state. Good luck!

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