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    Default Phoenix to LA

    Hi, My girlfriend and I are planning to drive from Phoenix to LA over a week in early January. We were planning to go north to the Grand Canyon, then take I-40 West towards LA. I have a few concerns.

    There seem to be a number of messages about icy driving conditions on I-40. Is this something I should be taking seriously, considering that we will only be driving the western part of the highway?

    Any suggestions about places to stop along the way? Alternatively, would you recommend an altogether different route?

    Thanks a lot. This is a great site.


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    Default Not that section of I-40

    Most of our griping about the icy conditions that can be found along I-40 are found in Northern Texas. Although it is true that you will probably hit some icy and snowy places along I-40 in or near Flagstaff in January, generally the performance of the Arizona Highway Department is excellent and you will have little or NO problems in Arizona.

    At Kingman, you could leave I-40 and take the old Route 66 over <a href = "">Sitgreaves Pass via Oatman<a/>. Alternatively, you could stay on I-40 and go down and check out the <a href = "">ole London Bridge<a/> in Lake Havasu City. January is prime time in <a href = "">Quartzite, Arizona<a/> and then you could head to LA via I-10 without backtracking.

    If you do via I-10 -- you might enjoy one of our favorite commercial hot springs resorts -- <a href = "">Sam's in Desert Hot Springs<a/>.

    Have a nice trip!

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