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    My husband and I have a week between Christmas and New Year's to take a trip! I'm looking for ideas and suggestions. Our starting point is Eugene, Oregon. We both have seen enough of the NW Oregon Coast, Portland, Bend, and Sisters. Those places are all wonderful, but we've been there so many times, so something different would be appreciated.

    We don't like driving straight for hours on end, but enjoy taking our time and stopping along the way to see things. We like places of natural beauty and historic places, but are up for anything. Any good ideas?

  2. Default Utah?

    How about go out I-84 and starting in Salt Lake City, explore some of Utah? You could spend your entire trip there and never run out of things to see. Salt Lake is about a day and a half from where you are at -- and the fastest way is I-5 to Portland and then I-84. For suggestions on Utah, you could run a search here and come up with many posts on that area. It's one of my favorites. Bob

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