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    Default My girlfriends and I are going to be graduating

    My two friends and I are trying to plan out a trip to go on after we graduate in 2006. So, I thought it would be fun to rent a cabin in the mountains somewhere for about a week. I want a completely secluded cabin, no other residents near by. We want to feel like we've been dropped into the middle of the beautiful woods and are alone with nature. (however, alone and in the middle of the woods doesnt mean we want a crappy cabin with an outhouse. Comfortable cabin with t.v and other luxuries is a requirement. And no scary surroundings) Definently has to have amazing scenery and preferably cooler weather... Snow would be awesome. A big city close by (two hours is the farthest away we would want, maybe three) with lots of shopping areas would be a huge plus. We are girls and love shopping. The cost of the cabin cant be too much and the cabin cant be too far from home, Georgia. Any suggestions? We really want to have a nice time, celebrating our new independence from highschool. Concerning money, we would probably be able to save about $1,500 for like a group sum to pay for renting a cabin for a week or more, gas and food. We can save more if someone suggests a really awesome place.
    Thank You so so so much! All responses are welcome and any advice will be appreciated.
    -nitty46, and friends.

  2. Default NC or TN

    North Carolina or Tennessee might be good places to look -- I can't help with those areas too much for cabins, but perhaps others on the forum know of some good places.

    Another option is to do an internet search for cabins, lodges, etc, in those areas -- and/or check out the states' tourism sites. You can often find good links that way. Good luck.

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    Default SNOW?

    You only want to go 2 or 3 hours - and I assume you mean graduation in May / June ? --- but you'd like SNOW ??!!

    I agree with other post to look in North Carolina or Tennessee. I'm sure there are lots of websites to look for rental cottages.

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    Carolyn Worl Guest


    you will be bored to tears after the first 24 hours.

    Take a road trip instead!

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    Default TN, NC and WV

    I agree with Bob and Syv, I think TN and NC (maybe even WV) would be your best bet and you better forget about snow at that time of the year! Even in Canada we don't have any snow at that time of the year except maybe if you'd like to head to the Artic Ocean!

    Good Luck!


  6. Default Always...

    Road trips are ALWAYS good!

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