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    Default AZ December Trip

    Hi all...Planning a trip to Arizona to visit family and friends. Created the schedule below.

    I would appreciate any ideas on what not to miss (sites, lodging, dining, parks, etc)
    and if you think the driving, etc is unrealistic.

    All help is much appreciated. Thanks!

    Day 1 Phoenix to Yuma;
    Days 1-3 Yuma (Mexico, Sand Dunes, Prison, etc);
    Day 3 - Yuma to Scotsdale;
    Day 4 - Scotsdale to Sedona;
    Day 5 - Sedona then Flagstaff;
    Day 6 - Flagstaff to Grand Canyon;
    Day 7 - Grand Canyon;
    Days 8-9 Down to Tombstone / Tuscon (Via Coronado Trail?);
    Day 10 - Tuscon to Phoenix

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    Default Very Reasonable


    I think you deserve some sort of an award -- your driving schedule is probably the most reasonable I have seen on this board in some time. As listed, it provides plenty of time for exploring the region (and maybe even sleeping in on a couple of days...)

    Do you like birds, snakes and bears? After traveling south on the <a href = "">Coronado Trail<a/> you might consider continuing on south (instead of heading to Tucson) and checking out the Chiricahua Monument and if you have time the Cave Creek Canyon near Portal. There are critters and birds that only found in this one area in the world. December is prime birding season down there.

    <a href = "">Tombstone<a/> is pretty fun to check out and the Kartchner Caverns should not be missed.

    When you are in Sedona area, lots of cool places to explore, but if you like really outstanding food -- drive to Cornville and eat at the <a href = "">Manzanita Inn<a/>.

    On the subject of food -- if you like Greek cuisine, when you are in the Scottsdale area -- drive up to Fountain Hills and have lunch at the <a href = "">Krazy Greek<a/> (let 'em know you were referred by RTA -- they are VERY friendly).

    Just a few ideas -- it is a great time to be visiting Arizona and if you use the search utility on this Forum and use Arizona as the search term for all categories -- you wil find lots and lots of amazing places to explore.


  3. Default Trains and Spanish Land Grants

    Steve, do you like trains? On (I-8) between Yuma and Gila Bend, watch along the south side of the highway for an old round water tank (I cannot remember if it is wood or metal), but it stands on a pedestal at locomotive height and holds (or did) several thousand gallons of water -- a remnant of the steam age which the SPRR never disassembled!

    After Tombstone, be sure to drive SR82 through Sonoita and Patagonia to Nogales -- this is beautiful ranch country originally deeded to Spanish nobles by the King of Spain. The Apaches made it a difficult place to live. In later years, the movie Oklahoma was filmed there. You'll be amazed how pretty it is down there.

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