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    Default is there anything to do around pittsburg?

    Hi i live in NY and need to be in Pittsburg Pennsylvania for a weekend (in two weeks) and i want to make a road trip on the way back (i have off of work Sunday-Wednesday)does anyone have any advice?
    i am very new at this and i want it to be a surprise for my wife?
    is there anything cool to do around Pittsburg?
    does anyone have any recomendations? maybe boston? too far? washington D.C.? ohio?

    all advice is welcomed

    thank you

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    Default Pittsburgh is one of our favorites

    Pittsburgh will always remind me of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. Yes, there is plenty to do.

    First check out Gerald Thurman's <a href = "">latest field report<a/> including the Mystery Sandwich at <a href = "">Chiodo's Tavern<a/>.

    It might be chilly, but I like the giant marimba-like freeway bridge in Point State Park -- proceed to the SW corner (just beyond Ft. Pitt Museum) to a small, concrete amphitheatre located directly under the interchange of I-376 and I-279. The supports for the bridge include large wooden timbers that resonate with booming tones when vehicle traffic passes overhead.

    The famous <a href = "">Pittsburgh Strip<a/> is worth checking out and if you like either <a href = "">chocolate<a/> or <a href = "">REALLY, REALLY hot chicken wings<a/> -- consider a visit to close-by Sharon, Pennsylvania.


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