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    Default where to go?

    Hi, I recently posted talking about my outwest roadtrip with my boyfriend and I. I love the suggestions about camping and national forests. I know the states Im going through but I don't know what to see in those states, any suggestions? We will be going through Iowa, SD, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington,Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, NM, Texas, Oklahoma, and then home to kentucky. Please Help!

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    Default Hundreds of posts on this subject


    There a couple hundred posts on this forum about places to go in those states. Use the Gray Search button on the top of this page and use the name of the state as the query word and select all subjects.

    Plus, you can use the search function on the greater RTA site in the same way and find scores more.

    One suggestion -- go on a Jackalope photo-hunt in Douglas, Wyoming.


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    Default Suggestions

    In Council Bluffs Iowa, there's a museum on the western trails (Santa Fe, Oregon, etc.), it's free and pretty interesting. You could follow the footsteps of the western emigrants on the Oregon Trail in Nebraska and Wyoming. I bought a book called The Oregon Trail Revisited by Gregory Franzwa that can help you retrace the original trail and it gives a lot of historical infos of all kind, a must have.

    In western Nebraska there are a lot a lot of interesting little towns, very cowboy. There's also Chimney Rock Nat'l Monument and Scotts Bluff.

    In Wyoming, there is Fort Laramie, Register Cliffs, Cheyenne, plenty of places to go and the scenery is so nice!

    Then west lie the Badlands, Black Hills, Mt Rushmore, Seattle, Portland, the Pacific ocean, Yellowstone...knock yourself out!

    In Nevada you could take route 50, the loneliest route in America, I've never been there but it's one of my project. Area 51, Las Vegas...

    Arizona : Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Sedona, Native Reservations, desert, cactuses, Organ Pipe Natl Monument, Apache Trail, ghost towns.

    New Mexico : Santa Fe, new mexican food, route 66, Carlsbad Caverns,...

    Texas : El Paso, Old Mission Trail, Spanish architecture, San Antonio, Ft Alamo, Houston, Dallas, South Padre Island, bridge to Mexico, Steakhouses,...

    Good Luck!


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