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    Default advice needed!

    Hello we are a group of girls who would like to discover America and we found that the best way to do it would be to do a road trip. We are supposed to be four all in our late twenties, no long road experience whatsoever.we would like to know what would be best for us. We don't mind camping and rough edges, we're open minded, we like new age stuff, we like to hike, to meet new people. we would like to visit California, New mexico arizona maybe Florida and some of the east coast, we're not quite sure yet. We are all gay women and would like to know of any clubs, cool places to hang out and stuff. we also would appreciate any suggestions. roads, budget, safety tips and advice on where to go and visit. Thanks a lot! Nina

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    Default There are some good groups in the SW

    First, I would suggest looking at the <a href = "">Solo Travelers page<a/> (even though there are four of you) the links on that page include information for gay roadtrippers.

    Likewise the <a href = "">International visitors page<a/> has some good tips.

    One of the vortex zones seems to exist in the Sedona, Arizona area and you can find plenty of New Age celebrants in the area.

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    Default Gay scene and suggestions

    Hi Nina,

    Just like Mark said, I think Sedona, AZ and its surroundings is the place to go for New Age stuff. I believe you can also find that kind of lifestyle at someplaces in New Mexico (Santa Fe). There's even a ranch designed especially for lesbians in the Sedona area called Cactus Cowgirl, I heard it's not bad but maybe a little expensive. Go to for accomodations.

    I recommend you buy the Damron guide "Women traveler", it contains all the info you need on the US and around the world : where the girls are, where to go dancing, dining, accomodations and plenty of other stuff. Of course, the cheapest way to spend the night is still camping, but if you are 4 people, you could split the cost of a cheap motel room (like Motel 6), it wouldn't cost you more than camping in most places.

    San Fran is, of course, a must see for all gay people, just as Key West if you go to Florida. There's a place in Key West called Pearl's Rainbow. It's a pretty expensive hotel but you're free to just hang out there and have a drink at the bar, they have nice pools too. New Orleans is one of the most open minded city in the US to my opinion, exception made of the east coast, this is almost the only place where I saw loads of rainbow flags. A real party city!

    Even if Americans are more and more opened about homosexuality, I wouldn't spread it around if I were you, especially in the south and the midwest, it's just a matter of safety and it is particularly a very controversial issue right now with the re-election of Bush. But that doesn't mean that the gay scene isn't interesting in those places, no way! In Phoenix, for instance, there's the cutest bar of all : Ain't Nobody's Biz on Indian School St, very lipstick. However, you may not find any gay places in very conservative States like Wyoming, Idaho and the Dakotas. But hey don't worry people are just as nice as everywhere, just play it straight!:-)lol

    Depending on your tastes, you may want to visit big cities : LA, San Fran, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, San Antonio, you have the choice, all of these cities have its secrets and wonders to discover. You might also be more of the nature kind : hiking in State and Nat'l Parks : Zion/Bryce, Grand Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Yellowstone,... If you plan on going to several Nat'l Parks, you should buy an annual pass. For as low as 50$ US approx, it gives you the chance to visit any park you want. Unless you will sometimes have to pay fees as high as 20$ just to get in!

    Don't worry about safety, the US is a safe country, just use common sense and don't put yourselves in obvious dangerous situations and everything will be all right.

    Have a fun trip!


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    Default safety

    For your safety, you may definately want to make sure you get a membership with AAA. Not only will they help you if you have car trouble, but we have a full service Auto Travel dept that can set you up with an itenerary, maps, Tourbooks (they show top rated hotels, motels, and resturants), and campbooks (top rated campgrounds). I belive it is a necessity when doing cross country roadtrips, especially the roadside assistance and free maps, tourbooks, and road travel info. If you have any questions regarding AAA, you can email me direclty, I work with AAA Arizona Roadside Assistance, and will be there if you all need help. I do want to make sure that you understand that I'm only making this suggestion because I talk to too many people going cross country and encounter car trouble or don't have the best maps.: (road info)
    Happy Trails!
    Brad M.

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