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    Me and 5 of my friends live in the mid-eastern US and are planning an approx. 30 day road trip this may/june. We had originally wanted to take the northern route to california down the coast and hit the southern route on our way back...I was wondering, as this will be my first road trip, If 30 days is a reasonable time span for this kind of traveling granted we want to take it easy and see as much as possible...Thanks for any help and\or suggestions :)

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    Personally, I think 30 days would be okay. Of course, if you could have more it would just be better, but I think it's doable. You'll hit plenty of Nat'l and State Parks along the way depending on which route you plan to take, most of them are must sees, If you plan on taking route 1 along the Pacific Coast, don't forget to stop by Hearst Castle in San Simeon, I've never been there but apparently it's worth the detour.

    On your way back, I-10 is probably the fastest for a southern route, but there are a lot of secondary roads that are very interesting SR60 (AZ-NM) for instance. On I-10 there are a lot of major city to visit : Phoenix, EL Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Mobile, New Orleans. You could even spend a few hours across the border in Mexico, you can park your car on the US side and just walk your way to the Mexico side. Many suggests that you don't use your car to get across the border because apparently there's usually a long waiting line when you want to come back.

    Have a safe trip!


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