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    Default Van-L.A. in January... DANGEROUS?!

    Two girls are planning on driving from Vancouver to LA in January.. my parents say its dangerous.. apparently 10 years ago the snow was really bad and they almost got stuck along the mountains(?!) near california... do u agree? Should we DRIVE?!

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    This is my advice to you; I understand you may not like it much, but it is sincerely offered from my perspective as an older driver and a parent.

    How old are you, and how much driving experience do you have? If you are minors, then you should listen to your parents -- we have to assume they know you pretty well, and they are responsible for your welfare until you are of legal age. If you're smart, you'll weigh what they have to say very carefully even AFTER you are past 18, as they have the benefit of years of experience and that is a significant part of sound decision-making, which, hopefully, you are learning from them already.

    It is possible that your parents are very cautious about such things in general; many others are as well. But perhaps they think (maybe correctly) that if the weather did turn nasty you wouldn't have (or might not have) the expertise and resources to handle the situation.

    I wouldn't hesitate to plan such a trip, but I would be very cognizant of the weather along the route when it was time to go. If a severe winter storm is passing through, then I'd likely postpone the trip until it is past and the roads are cleared again -- this may be a few hours, or it may be a few DAYS. Also, even if I-5 is bad, or closed, there may be other routes open, if you stay informed and flexible. This is how I handle the planning of a trip at this time of year. However, what is normal (if not routine) for a professional driver with many years of experience may be beyond another person's comfort level.

    If you do decide to go, there are things you should put in the vehicle for emergencies, starting with chains for use on snow-packed roads. You can check out some suggestions for <a href = "">winter driving (and things to take)<a/> on this website -- look under Roadtrip Planning (from any page on this site -- Green Traffic Bar) and then <a href = "">Seasonal Tips<a/>. The article is titled "Winter Driving."

    Why not ask your Dad to accompany you? Just a suggestion.


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