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    Default East Coast to West Coast

    Does anyone have any helpful advice for the following; Myself and 2/3 others are drinving across the US from New York then south and through the southern states ending up in California.
    We are from the UK and are considering buying a car as we want the freedom to go where we feel like and not be restricted by other types of transportation.

    If anyone out there has done something like this I would like to hear any advice or help you can offer.


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    Default A few ideas


    If by any chance you could start your trip on the west coast you will get (potentially) a much higher re-sale price on your car if you sell it in the east. Salt-corrosion-affected vehicles (found in the east) are severely discounted in the west.

    You should get copy of Andrew Vincent's excellent book about <a href = "">driving in the USA from a UK perspective<a/>.

    Plus, just look over some of the car buying links we maintain on the <a href = "">International Visitor<a/> pages.

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