The following message was sent to us by Mike Jones:

I have a hot tip for you........The Cachagua Store in Carmel Valley, CA.

They have a dinner on Mondays only. The rest of the week it is a redneck 7-11.....they just put up folding tables next to the Budweiser coolers, put on nice linens and go. They have a great French trained chef who prepares a great country style menu for ridiculously cheap prices. All the food is organic and local. It is his way of protest at the over-hyped, over-priced restaurants in Carmel and Carmel Valley. Wine prices are like the food: local wines are about a third the price of other restaurants, plus they have a cellar of 25 year old cabernets and merlots. The place is always sold out, even though it 27 miles out in the country, on a tiny little road, in a mountain valley.

They have a great sense of humor. The name of the restaurant changes every week, based on the chef's mood, local celebrities in attendance, etc. (as can be seen by the two names in the subject line above)