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    Default Road trip from L.A. to Canada and the Grand Canyon

    Its going to be at least 4 college buddies that want to go on a road trip. We want to see the grand canyon and would love to stop by Canada. We are planning maybe a 10 day trip on the road. Can anyone reccomend anything!?

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    Default Questions & Route

    What month are you planning this trip. Do you realize that there is 1,170 miles from the Grand Canyon to the Canadian border? Do you want to see things on the way or just get to Canada and do your touring there?

    For a route, I would take Interstate 15 up most of the way to Canada. Then go to St. Mary's Montana to visit Waterton, Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yolo, Glacier, Mount Revelstoke National Parks in Canada. Work your way to Vancover and then take Interstate 5 back to Los Angeles. Keep in mind this route is over 3,700 miles and driving will take up much of your time unless you take turns and drive after dark.

    With 10 days you could do a lot of site-seeing in Arizona and Utah. Arizona also has Canyon de Chelly National Monument. I recommend the all day guide tour into the canyon. On the Utah/Arizona border is Monument Valley. Near Moab, Utah is Arches and Canyonlands National Park...not to mention more 4 x 4 roads than could be done in 10 days! On your way back you could visit Capitol Reef National Park, travel on scenic Hwy 12 down to Bryce Canyon National Park and then visit Zion National Park before hitting Las Vegas and the drive back to Los Angeles.


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    Default i agree

    I agree with Utahtea. Pick one or the other. The two are very far apart (Canada & Arizona). It's like saying I'd like to leave L.A. & stop by Alaska enroute to Florida.

    Arizona & southern Utah has plenty for 10 days. British Columbia & Alberta (Banff, Revelstoke, etc. mentioned previously) also 10 days in itself.

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