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    Default LA to Oregon on PCH - Too Rainy?

    I would like to make it from Los Angeles to coastal Oregon and back in 8 days. Hopefully this is possible. Since I've never taken this route before, I'm hesitant to book any motel rooms along the way because I don't know what I will see, or how long I will want to stay. I would rather face sleeping in my car than hotel cancellation fees. I will be leaving the day after xmas and want to know if the rain will ruin the trip. Will there be enough to do, even if it rains the whole time?

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    Default Coast Route in Winter

    For starters I would suggest reading Lonely Planet's <a href = "">California Highway 1<a/> and i defy anyone to do everything Paige suggests in 60 days, much less the eight you are planning. Yes, there is plenty to do and see on your trip up the coast -- even in the rain.

    One of our recent posters described an inn you might want to check out: The Beach Stay in Rockaway, Oregon.

    When you are near San Simeon -- be sure to check out the Sealions at Piedras Blancas Vista Point! Monterey Aquarium, Santa Cruz, Mendocino -- My list of places to see would easily exceed several hundred.

  3. Default Rain

    I think the coast has its own particular charm in the rain -- sunny days or gray days -- at the beach I like them all! Dark weather just adds to the drama. Bob

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