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    Default WI to San Jose, CA in Nov

    I am planning to drive from Madison, WI to San Jose, CA. The trip will probably begin around 11/120/04. Mapquest shows I-80 W as the best route but I want to avoid the snowy conditions as much as possible. Is there an alternate route that will not increase the miles by more than a couple hundred? How bad are the conditions on I-80 around UTah/Wyoming during that time? I am planning to reach there in 6-7 days. Thanks! Sidhu

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    Default Early November

    Most truckers favor that route (instead of I-70 which is my favorite cross-Rockies Interstate route) because although blizzards are certainly possible the chance of serious accumulation is much less.

    I have driven I-80 several times in those early weeks of November and I would say that chance of bad weather is actually much higher in Iowa (Davenport!!!) and to a lesser extent in Nebraska (around Kearney) than anything you are likely to find in either Wyoming or Utah. Now, if your trip was scheduled for January -- then yep -- blizzards are almost a given on the plains of Wyoming.

    There is no practical alternative to I-80 for where you are going and 6-7 days is almost a leisurely pace. No worries.

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    Default Madison to L.A.

    My girlfriend and I are driving two cars Madison,WI to L.A. in late January {21st-28th) Do you have any suggestions for travel this time of year. Should we avoid I-80?

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    Default Quickest Way

    I actually think cutting down to I-70 at Denver, via I-76, would be shorter than I-80 across to I-15. Otherwise, I think either options will be fine depending upon the weather. Take a look at the forecast once you get to Nebraska and see which route looks clearest.

    A shortcut for you, the best way from Madison to I-80: take US-151 (verona road) through Dubuque, to Cedar Rapids, from there I-380 will take you to I-80. It's 4 lanes most of the way, and a lot faster than taking I-39 into Illinois.

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