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    Default Planning stays

    I'm planning a trip from NYC to Phoenix. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on motel stays. Should I make reservations in advance or just wing it and stay at places that we find on the way?

    I'm worried that things might go off schedule and I won't be able to keep any reservations I might make. Then again, I don't want to be left without a place to stay.

    Any input/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Default The definitive word!

    First, check out: <a href = "">RoadTrip Reservations<a/>

    Mark addresses the topic very well in this essay! Also, if your trip is over the next few months, it's the "off" season in many parts of the country, and you'll likely not be taking much risk of being without a roof for those areas. Of course, in the sunnier climes, this is "high" season, so rooms may be harder to find some places (even so, I doubt you'll have much trouble).

    If you do decide you are most comfortable making reservations (rather than not), remember to note what the cancellation policy of each establishment is -- you can often cancel right up until 4:00 or 6:00 of the arrival day, although some others will require 24 or 48 hours advance notice. They vary. If you've reserved at a place that allows cancellation the day of arrival with no penalty, then you can still maintain the flexibility you want as long as you pay attention and make those phone calls when necessary. Bob

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    Default Thanks for your help..

    It looks like we'll just see where things take us and try to go with the "no reservation" plan.

    What is the usual hotel policy re: dogs. I'm brining my chihuahua with us. Do most hotels/motels accept pets and if they do, what kind of fees are involved? or should i just cover him up in his carrier and no one will know the better?

  4. Default I wouldn't!

    If you sneak your pet in without saying anything and the hotel doesn't know that you did (so they may not clean as thoroughly as they would have), the next person in the room might be a person with allergies to pet dander and respiratory problems -- you could do them real harm without intent. For that reason alone, I wouldn't do it, not to mention the moral questions.

    Just ask up front whether they accept pets or not -- others travel with pets all the time without much trouble, so there are many places that will accept them. Bob

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    Default never even though of that

    your right. i didn't even think of anything like that. like you said, i'm sure it shouldn't be a problem.

    thanks for your help!

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    Default Just about every nice one does

    What we have found in literally hundreds of towns and cities all over North America is that generally the nicer the hotel/motel the more amenable management will be with respect to traveling with family pets. Rarely have we ever found a surcharge for pets. Sometimes, management tends to reserve certain rooms for pet owners -- these are often the smoking rooms.

    Our favorite motel for being the most is dog-friendly is La Quinta. The cheaper motels are always far more restrictive towards pets -- and if think about it -- you will know why.


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