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    Default 5 Days from San Diego

    We're staying in San Diego for 2 weeks end November/start of December and want to fit in a 4 night/5 day road trip to see a bit more of the country.

    I've picked out 2 options so far: (1) driving up to Vegas and then on to the Grand Canyon and back to SD, possibly via Joshua Tree Park, or (2) taking the coastal road north past LA, maybe up as far as Monterey and then returning south on an inland highway (I think San Francisco may too far in the time available).

    What do you think about the pros and cons of these options and plus what to see en route? Haven't started detailed planning yet (mileage, places for overnight stops, etc) so any ideas welcome for a couple of 50-something Brits gone west for the first, but hopefully not the last, time!

    NB: Mexico looks a no-go due to hire-car restrictions.

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    Default Kelso Dunes at Sunset?


    There are so many cool options for roadtrips with a base of San Diego. Just a few ideas: <a href = "">Anza-Borrego<a/> is on your way north -- while it is still a tad early for flowers -- there are some incredibly cool places to explore in the park. <a href = "">Kelso Dunes at sunset<a/> is one of my favorite places for Winter wanderings in the California desert.

    <a href = "">Insider information<a/> about Las Vegas is one of RTA's specialities. <a href = "">Grand Canyon and Bryce<a/> -- hard to pass up.

    Do you like BBQ? -- RTA's <a href = "">BBQ Guru, Bob Schaller<a/> knows some great places in Phoenix and <a href = "">Tombstone, Arizona<a/> is a favorite destination for many Brits seeking the American West.

    Hope this helps... Go have an adventure!


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    It all depends on how much you want to drive in a day, and what you want to see. Does Los Angeles attract or repel you? If you bypass LA and head directly up the coast, there's easily enough to see and do on the way to Monterey: Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Point Lobos,just to name a few spots.

    Las Vegas AND the Grand Canyon would be tough...and Grand Canyon will be COLD that time of year.Vegas is quite a place, but if you want to gamble, there are Indian Casinos all over Southern California. A visit to Joshua Tree might be better paired with a stop in Palm Springs, and you could include a trip on the aerial tram or a night in Idyllwild to spend some time in the southern California mountains.

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    Default please update us

    hey, how was the trip.......let us know what you did!!

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