I'm headed out east at the beginning of November from Louisiana toward Maine and back in mid-December. This is a low budget "see the east" tour. The final destination is the northern termination of the applaciation trail in Maine. I plan to visit many national parks, climbing hotspots, and a few friends along the way. So, many nights will be spent in the car or a tent. Showers and cleanups I expect to do mostly at campsites or whereever an available shower or sink are. There is by no means a fixed schedule or even structured route. Though I do have my "must sees", I expect many changes in destination. I am looking for someone who has similar intrests in mind and is willing to split the cost of a trip.

A bit about myself: I am a 24 yr old male who has spent the last 2 1/2 yrs working after college. This is my opportunity to see the states. I don't smoke or do drugs, but I do enjoy the occasional drink. I also, enjoy doing a bit of webdevelopment and plan to stop at some internet cafes to update my websites. Other hobbies include: climbing, gaming, and eating (sure it's a hobby).

Your cost would include: Gas/tolls for traveling. (I've got a 97 Ford Taurs that gets about 25 MPG on the interstate.) Entrance/camping fees at parks. Your groceries or a share of mine. And of course be able to pay your way back home if you decide to split off from my journey. I can drop you at the nearest bus/train station.

please email or reply if you're interested in the trip or have a question