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    Default Planning a road trip...

    I'm planning a road trip in a couple of weeks to work on a Senate campaign in Oklahoma; currently I am in Jackson, Tennessee. I'll be working in Sallisaw, OK (near Fort Smith, AR.) Any ideas? Taking a straight shot on I-40 would be the obvious choice, but would taking US-412 through northern Arkansas to US-59 be a bad idea?

  2. Default The cost

    The practical difference between the two is 2.5 hours driving time and roughly 80 miles. I'd do it! It's bound to be a pretty drive. Bob

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    Default Thanks.

    Thanks a lot. Yeah, I have taken I-40 plenty of times... time for something different!

  4. Default Time permitting

    If you have time, come back and let us know how you did, what you thought of the road, etc. It's always good to get that kind of feedback, so we (or you) can pass it along to someone else! Bob

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    Default Well, actually

    Now the changed route may not happen, since I just told a friend about the trip and he wants to go, too! So I may have to take I-40 after all, since it means I'll be leaving later in the afternoon.

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    Default The trip

    Thanks for the info earlier!

    I hadn't posted anything yet about my late October/early November trip to Oklahoma for campaigning. It's been a while, but I had a great time.

    The road trip from Jackson, TN, to Sallisaw, OK, was awesome. I did end up taking US-412 to US-59 for the trip and was well rewarded. 412 through northern Arkansas is a pretty, albeit slow, drive. It took me about ten hours, including stops, to make the trip, whereas on the interstate it would have been roughly a six-hour drive. The weather for the drive was great -- for most of the drive, it was sunny, although going through the Ozarks the skies got gray.

    Going back was a bit of a downer though; since I was leaving around 6 PM and had to be back for class the next day it was a drive on (mostly) interstates on a rainy night. Oh well, Interstate 40 through Arkansas is pretty familiar to me anyway. I'm ready for another road trip though!

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    Default Field Notes

    Thanks for the field report.

    Sounds like you were lucky with the weather!


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