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    Default Two young musicians going cross-country


    My name is Chris, and I am 17 in Turlock, CA. Me and my friend Tom, 19, are interested in a 5-week summer music program in Boston, MA, and are contemplating driving there. Our primary reason in driving rather than flying is to have a car while in Boston, and to cut costs (tuition alone is $3000). It sounds crazy, yes, but what sort of suggestions would you have about going from coast to coast? Where should we go? Where should we sleep? Any rough estimations on gas? Any advice would help greatly. Thanks!

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    Default Boston

    Are you going to Berklee?

    Well, having a car in Boston isn't exactly the best idea. It's far easier to get around the city with public transportation (plus MA drivers are really, really bad). There's a saying that the roads are just upgrade cow paths, and after having driven through the city several times (before I got smart), I can see why this is said!

    But if you're set on driving, figure on about 5-6 days of driving time (comfortably), not including stops along the way. Pick a route you think you'll like. Heck, if you don't like the route out, take another on the way back (good advice either way). Places to sleep are brought up often on these forums, do a search. Plus, is your lodging paid for whilst in Beantown?

    It can be hard to recommend stops for people without knowing what they are interested in. Musically, I've always wanted to go to Memphis (for ten years now...and I still haven't been!), but so far I've only hit Nashville. In the Summer, there are concerts at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA, where the Boston Pops plays.

    And of course, there's so much to do in Boston that I couldn't begin here!

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    Oh c'mon. Boston drivers aren't really really bad. We just always have the right of way. Timbo, maybe you're the bad driver. :)

    I agree that having a car in Boston isn't the best idea, especially if you are going to live IN Boston for the summer. Perhaps arranging parking outside of the city would be a good idea while you are here. In fact, you need a resident sticker to park for more than 2 hours just about anywhere in Boston. I still think that taking the road trip is a great idea!

    Let me know when you're in town and I can point you to some favorite eating spots!

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