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    Kathy Barron Guest

    Default Planning RV trip from So.Cal to Alaska next May through Aug.

    Our 19 foot Pleasureway van-RV took us around the US for 9 fabulous months this year, and now we want to drive to Alaska, starting next April or May. (We think we will take ferries down the coast back to Vancouver on the return trip.) We know nothing about doing this roadtrip up the AlCan highway, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done it. We like to drive about 150 miles a day (no more than 200), so that gives you an idea of our traveling style. We are in our 60's, with a young dog. Aside from the dog, we aren't in good shape for vigorous activities, so strolling along short nature walks, taking lots of photos, is our preferred activity.

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    Default Wish we could go with you!

    But our RV is just getting to old for a trip like that. We drove the AlCan highway in 1992 and LOVED IT! You will want to get the latest edition of the "Mile Post". It has information on EVERYTHING...including the ferrys. My copy sat on my lap (I was the passanger) the WHOLE time!

    I hope I don't get into trouble for mentioning this, but you can get a lot of information on RVing to Alaska on the Open Road Forums:


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