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    Hi All

    My friend and I are travelling from Australia in January to LA for a wedding and although it's not the time of year we'd normally want to visit, we are planning to take two weeks and travel a bit. A few conditions, we have about 8 days out of LA after we arrive. We'd love to see the Grand Canyon. After that we are back in LA for a day or two and then have about 3 1/2 days more before we leave - we thought we could drive north along the coast. So, question is, what else can we do around our trip out to the Grand Canyon, how much will winter limit our travel options. And in our 3 1/2 days how far north should we aim to go and what are some suggested highlights?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Default good start

    Since this is a winter trip, how about:

    From Los Angeles - leave early 6-7 a.m.?!!
    Day 1 - Hwy #14 to DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK (5-6 hrs. 245 miles)
    Through Death Valley (half day) to LAS VEGAS (4 hrs) for late evening arrival & overnight.

    Day 2 - Las Vegas to GRAND CANYON south rim is 5 hours.
    Overnight at Grand Canyon.

    Day 3 - Finish Grand Canyon. Start drive back #64 to Flagstaff to #I-40.

    9-11 hrs drive back to LA.

    The coastal drive #101 / #1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco is great. I don't know what it is like in winter. Perhaps someone else will, or the internet can help you find out.

    Just beyond San Francisco is REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK (right on #101).

    You can find details about the national parks at

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