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    Rob Cross Guest

    Default San Francisco to Seattle

    Hi there,

    I'm planning to cruise from SF to Seattle via the parks of Oregon in late-Oct/early-Nov. Can anyone suggest any great places to stop and see? Would love to do a couple of good hikes also. Will the rains be here by then or still a nice time in the autumn?

    Any tips would be much appreciated.

    Happy trails,


  2. Default Rains!

    I think you'll be into the fall/winter rainy season by then, but it'll still be fun, so go anyway! Check out the closing date for Crater Lake National Park and see it if you can. One very nice (easy) hike is out to the tip of Cape Lookout (OR coast) -- trail follows the spine of the Cape with great views about 270 degrees at the end - you may see some sea lions out there in the water too (I did). Bob

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    imported_Janice Guest

    Default Beautiful Sights

    About 150 miles north of San Francisco you have got to allow time to explore Mendocino, California. It's beautiful country
    and makes me want to leave Georgia for the west coast. Also, look at the possibility of going south of San Francisco to Big Sur California and then north from there. Point Lobos Reserve is awesome! Big Sur light house. If you elect this extension of the trip check into lodging at Big Sur Lodge. It's back to nature and the best park lodging I've ever stayed at.

    I hope you have a great trip!

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    Big Daddy Guest

    Default take the time

    I love this road trip! Please, take your time on this trip.......heres a little known state park off hway one before you get to seattle....point reyes, at the of the best most scenic hikes I have ever taken in to the lighthouse, on a road with the most beautiful trees in the world. also, there is a tenting campgrounde nearby which is an hour hike from the road.....3 miles or so, but man, it has the very best of all things, including a great spring......when in oregon, visit oregon dunes state park.....also, long beach...north further....hope you can see the kite festival.....stay on the coast as long as you can, including the olympic penninsula, ruby beach, klaloch ( best seaside cabins in the world, rain or shine, and crescent lake.......all must sees! have fun!

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