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    I was browsing the BBC holiday message board when I came across a thread discussing NYC parking charges. One of the contributors reckons it will cost £50 per day !!

    I am planning a trip next week and am obviously very concerned ....... does this seem true to you guys ?? Don't hotels have underground parking which is free / very cheap ??


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    Default nyc parking

    does 50 pounds mean $100 US? i don't know if it'll be that high but depending on where you're parking, it can be like $20 for 1/2 hour. it's insane. but sometimes it's like $30 for all day. i don't know about 24 hours. you'll have to do some research. know that the father west or east you go (away from 5th), the cheaper it'll be. any lots that are centrally located will always cost more. even if you park at your hotel you're going to get hosed. there's a reason why we don't have cars in NYC.

    your other alternative - and it's a bad one - is to try to find street parking. but you have to move your car every other day to the other side. it's called alternate side of the street parking and it's so they can clean the streets.

    good luck!

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    Most parking lots have different rates per day/per hour. Either way, plan to spend a decent amount of money on parking. It's very expensive. Obviously hourly parking will cost you more than a daily rate, probably around 30$ for an hour or 2. If you get in the lot early, they usually have an early bird rate that will charge you around 16$ from 8-6pm.

    It's definitely expensive, but like sara said you can check out the street parking but it's almost impossible to get a spot and factoring in alternate side might be a pain. Plus a parking ticket will cost you about 150$ so it's probably better to leave it in the lot.

    If I were you I would call your hotel to see if they offer parking, but I'm not positive that most do.

    If your planning on staying in NYC for a bit, maybe you could park your car in Brooklyn or Queens and take the train into the city? **watch out for alternate side there too. You won't need a car at all while your in NYC.

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    imported_Lauren Guest

    Default NYC parking

    Other possibilities might be parking in Staten Island (I'm not sure about longer-term parking there, but there are safe areas where you can get on the train and take the ferry into lower Manhattan, which in itself is fun), or in Hoboken, where you can get the PATH train to the city. Both very possible as long as you don't have tons of luggage to take.

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    Carolyn Worl Guest

    Default NYC Parking

    I have been to NYC several times. I always leave my car parked at my hotel and use the subway, bus, train, or taxi to get around. It works great!

    Of course, you have to kinda watch location when you are booking your hotel room.

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    Jon Kushner Guest

    Default alternate side street parking

    If you MUST keep a car while you stay in NYC you might try parking it on the street on the upper east side -- East 70's through 90's, between lexington and East End avenues on the side streets are your best bets. If you're lucky you might find a spot where you can park for free for 2 days at a time. But it is a b***ch. You could end up spending hours circling the neighborhood searching. Avoid a car.

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